Casting Groups of Guys for Culinary Experience

Food Network is looking for guys who deserve a customized culinary experience!

We are currently casting Dad groups to show a day in the life and be rewarded by an amazing customized culinary experience!

LLCP and Food Network are looking for people age 21-35 who are a part of a unique and dynamic group who enjoy shared experiences through the lens of flavor and food for branded content. Casting real authentic food passionate people who know how to cook and are looking to up their game in the kitchen. Will be part of a customized culinary experience with a Food Network chef. It would shoot for one day early-mid April.


Feel free to nominate yourself or someone you know! E-mail with the following info:

  • Name (your name and the name of the person you are nominating if different from your own)
  • Where are you based?
  • What group are you involved in?
  • How many people are in that group?
  • What makes your group unique?
  • Describe a normal day with that group.

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