Preschool of Rock Back to School Events

Back to School is not just for big kids!

Preschool of Rock, celebrating their 10th anniversary this winter, is offering a series of free back to school
events for babies, toddlers and their parents!

Events are being held on the mornings of September 11th through the 15th in various locations throughout
New Jersey.

New to music classes, or already a fan, everyone is welcome!

What to expect? A free show by Preschool of Rock with giveaways and other special treats! All new families
who attend receive a $25 coupon to use for Preschool of Rock services.

Register here (Back to School tab):
Call Preschool of Rock here: 732.205.1971

Locations participating in this wonderful Back to School event are:

  • Monroe Street Movement Space (Midtown Hoboken) 9/12/13 @ 10:00am
  • FitRxN (Downtown Hoboken) 9/13/17 @ 10:00am
  • Urban Jungle Play (Uptown Hoboken) - 9/13/17 @ 3:30pm

Preschool of Rock is the original Rock-n-Roll music class for kids.

What makes Preschool of Rock so special? Energy!

The classes, where the teacher never sits, but actively engages the children by walking, singing and rocking
out the entire 45 minutes, are a high energy experience where children make new friends and bond with their
parents or caregivers.

What do they do? The children experience a new instrument each week and have the opportunity to explore a
variety of instruments throughout the class. Drumming is second nature in the classes. The children have the
opportunity to play the Djembe drum every day as well as receiving other percussive instruments to rock out

Come join the fun for the best 45 minutes of your week!