Unicorn Headband Workshop at Workshops Essayer

Join us for a magical workshop to make unicorn headbands.  Pretty and bewitching, each headband will make a wonderful accessory for parties, playdates or just to keep hair out of eyes everyday.

Each workshop participant will receive their own kit that includes all the basic supplies to make the headbands.  We will guide each student, step by step,  to make the horn, the ears and to put all the pieces together.  Additionally, plenty of paper flowers will be available for participants to choose from for that final step. This is the step to let the creative juices flow.  Will your child use blue or pink flowers?  Maybe both.  Will your child use roses or carnations?  Big flowers or small flowers?  Maybe they don't feel like using flowers at all.  Whatever the case, the final product will be your child's design, a truly enchanting unicorn headband.

So join us for an hour of fun, enchantment, laughs and creativeness. Please visit our site for more info: http://workshopsessayer.com/calendar/unicorn-headband-workshop-2/ 

When: Saturday August 4th, 2018
Time: 11 am and 1 pm
Where: The Monroe Center (720 Monroe Street )
Cost: $20