Pediatric Behaviorist from CHOP to host parent workshop on Strategies for Healthy Lifestyles

Dr. Mary Pipan, a renowned behavioral pediatrician from the Trisomy 21 program at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia will host a workshop and talk for parents on Thursday, Oct. 24, 7 PM - 9 PM at the Multi-Service Center, 124 Street, in Hoboken, NJ. Register today. 

The evening provides a rare opportunity for discussion with Dr. Pipan, who specializes in behaviors for individuals with Down syndrome and other disabilities. She will address challenging behaviors from food fixations, food refusal, to food seeking and over eating. She'll also discuss fixations on preferred (and not very healthy) activities, to low motivation for any physical activities and how they interfere with our efforts to develop healthy lifestyle choices in many children, especially for kids with special needs. She'll provide tips and strategies for better outcomes.

Registration is free but required to attend. If you have questions please email Theresa Howard, Nadia Jensen or Adrianna Loaiza.