Holiday’s that time of year again!

This is a call to action for busy Mom's who like to be organized. If you had a shoot this year use your favorite pic for your card or book a Holiday Card mini-shoot today at the Park or Studio for that super special portrait.

Deadline for card orders is the last week of November. So hurry and get yours sorted, the weeks are flying towards the Holidays!!

Harsthorn Portraiture is taking pictures now!
Dates for Holiday Card Mini-Shoots

Central Park shoot
* Oct 24th

Holiday card shoot in Ridgewood
* Oct 25th

Weekend Holiday card shoot in Studio
* Oct 17th
* Nov 7th
* Nov 8th

Weekday shoots available October and November. Call Alicia and Milena for more information 201 610 1199.

Hartshorn Portraiture - 720 Monroe St. #E-418, Hoboken, NJ 07030. ph 201 610 1199