Workshop for Moms and Moms-to-Be: Nutritional, Fitness and Medical Guidelines to Toning Your Belly!

Title: "Inner Clarity for your Bella Belly!"

Saturday, November 14th

Cost: Cost for members enrolled in Bella Bellies November & December Membership Program is: $50.00
Cost for non-members: $100.00

Provided onsite for $15.00-$20.00 an hour, please contact Annie at

Plans for Dads/Significant Others?
Ben, my husband is coordinating an event at 333 River Street. Babies/Toddlers/Preschoolers Welcome. For more information, please contact Annie at

Bella Bellies Studio, 223 Bloomfield Street, Studio 101, Hoboken.

* Holistic Nutritionist from Inner Clarity, Danyelle Demchock.
* Physical Fitness Specialist from Bella Bellies, Annie Martens.
* Medical Doctor and Surgeon, Nadia Afridi.

Please sign up in advance by clicking here! Only 6 participants allowed. Limited access for one-on-one attention. Our last worshop was an immense success and sold out!

Who is the Workshop For?
Both prenatal and postpartum members. The Transverse Abdominus Strength Test, Target Heart Rate Test will be postponed for prenatal clients, until a minimum of 6 weeks postpartum.

Provided for Participants:
* "Bella Bellies How To" and "Hoboken Mom's Guide" written by Annie Martens.
* The DVD "Maternal Fitness Pilates, An Introductory Workout" Produced by Bella Bellies and Spa Bebe.
* One-on-One private appointment for testing the following testing:
o Medical Grade Test, Resting Metabolic Rate Test (RMR Test)
o Muscle to Fat Ratio Test
o Resting Heart Rate Test
o Medical Grade, Biofeedback Transverse Abdominus Strength Test, test the strength of your abdominal muscle.
o Diastasis Check to determine how far apart your abdominals muscles have separated during pregnancy

* Danyelle Demchock will discuss foods which inflame the digestion track and are the cause for bloating and distension in the abdminal region. She will also discuss the reasons why prenatal and postnatal women are more vulnerable to inflammation in the stomach region.
* Annie Martens will review and discuss fitness exercises to help you tone your midsection. The testing is attained in a one-on-one setting in advance to the workshop (or after) by private appointment.
* Optional: for further cosmetic or medical intervention, a Medical Doctor will briefly discuss the permanent effects of pregnancy and be available to explain medical/surgical intervention for cosmetic reasons.