Local Women Need Supplies for Haiti

Dr. Muni Tahzib of Hoboken Asthma and Allergy and Maryanne Fike, another Hoboken resident, recently went on a relief mission to Haiti. They were featured in the Hoboken Reporter this week (see link below). They want to organize another trip, and are appealing to local residents for donations. See letter from Muni below.

See article about their trip in the Hoboken Reporter:
Hands-on in Haiti: Local women need supplies for relief effort

Dear All,

Many have written me so kindly after seeing the article in the Reporter this weekend... thank you all so much for your love and encouragement. I am simply overwhelmed by the outpouring of love. A true Valentines Day as we look OUTWARD who we could love, instead of asking 'who loves me?'

This is what we desperately need again for our March trip:

So, if you want to help again (God bless you!!) these are the items we are looking for again:

- lots of tents, sleeping bags, roll-up/inflattable camping mattresses, blankets
- large duffle bags
- pain meds for children and adults (tylenol, advil, motrin, aleve etc.)
- antibiotics (oral and injectable), endless antibiotics! !
- antifungal creams and oral tablets/syrup (we needs LOTS of those!)
- donation of air-miles for the nurses and others who can't afford the flights
- baby formula and cereals and pediasure
- pedialyte and any rehydration solutions
- anything related to woundcare (gauze, neosporin, hydrogen peroxide etc.)
- toothbrushes and toothpaste for kids and adults
- hydration lotion/creams
- shampoo (like the small ones you can buy for 99 cents)
- soap
- single bed-sheets
- anti-itch meds (hydrocortisone etc.)
- lollipops for the kids
- gloves and facemasks
- bug-spray
- we need LOTS of financial donations.

Can be done on line at www.monafoundation.org, earmark "Love for Haiti' and they will send you a tax-receipt. This wonderful foundation was kind enough to collect the donations so that people could get a tax-deduction; they give the full proceeds to our trips through another Hoboken Mom, Maryanne Fike, the logistical coordinator of our trips. (We stayed at the school grounds of Anis zunuzi, that's how we learned about this amazing foundation doing good all over the world)

Items can be dropped of at my home 710 Hudson, or Barbara Bravo's home 708 Hudson or at the Hudson Reporter's Office on 14th and Wash St.


Love, Muni