Hoboken Children’s Theater Fall Shows

November 4, 5, 6
$15 (adults & children)

High School can be tricky and the pressures can take a toll. Young Pippin seeks true happiness in the glories of the sports fields, the intrigues of political power and the complications of relationships. In the end, he finds it in the simplicity of home and family.
Good for ages 10 and up.

Imagine That
November 12 & 13
$12 (adults & children)

The Tubesons, an American family, have become slaves to their television. When their daughter Molly is snatched into the TV by a television demon, their only hope of rescuing her is to heed the advice of the Fairy TV Repairperson and resdiscover their imaginations! Fun for all ages.

To purchase tickets: http://www.hobokenchildrenstheater.com/box-office
Monroe TheatreSpace in Hoboken
720 Monroe St. 2nd floor