MiMi Kids Yoga – 2 Hour Toddler Drop off (2 – 3 1/2 Years)

In this 16 week program, kids are given a chance to learn yoga on their own.
No mommies allowed! Take a trip to the zoo, a hike through the jungle or
feed the animals on the farm; the possibilities are endless as we foster
your child’s creativity through yoga. This 2 hour class includes yoga, a
healthy snack, story time in English/Spanish, arts and crafts and end with
breathing exercises and yummy smelling foot rubs to relax and center your
child. A great way to get your little one ready for Preschool.

Monday 9:30-11:30
Tuesday 10:00-12:00
Thursday 10:00-12:00
Friday 9:00-11:00

Pricing: $576 for 16 week session
Siblings: 15% off; 2 days 5% off,
3 days 10% off, 4 days 15% off.

SPACE IS LIMITED to 8-10 kids per group and is taught by two certified
instructors and one assistant to ensure each child is given personalized
attention. Once you have chosen a day, that will be the day your child
attends for the entire session. If you need to change a day you must let us
know in advance and we will do our best to accommodate based on