Earn a $100 Diapers.com voucher if you’ve never used Diapers.com

For folks who have never shopped on Diapers.com - here is your chance to try it. The company is looking for parents, with at least one child under 12 months, who have never shopped Diapers.com to help with a research project, now through Oct. 8.
Parents assisting with the Diapers.com testing must go to their offices at 10 Exchange Place in Jersey City  for about an hour to answer questions about web usage habits. Volunteers don't need  any special computer skills,  just to use the Internet occasionally.
Parents who help out with the testing will receive a $100 voucher that can be redeemed across all the sites (Diapers.com, Soap.com, Wag.com etc). Please contact diapers.com directly at:  LFranicevic@nullquidsi.com to arrange your visit.