MathWizard Announces Opening of Its New Center in Hoboken

MathWizard of Hoboken is pleased to announce the opening of its new State of Art LEEDS architect designed and constructed after school tutoring center at the corner of 13th Street and Grand Street in Hoboken, NJ. MathWizard provides unique after school tutoring for children aged 3.5 years through high school, via small groups of up to 5 students and private tutoring sessions in Math and English. From letter and number recognition and phonics to PSAT and PLAN it offers a full range of tutoring for every age group. With professional tutors and a unique curriculum based on 2014 Common Core State Standards, this is a great place to prepare children for State Standardized testing, and higher levels of Math and English for PSAT/PLAN.

“In Math, we offer a unique curriculum providing practice and expertise in mental math computation skills, balanced out with practice and expertise in applied math via curriculum topics and word problems of the type usual in standardized tests, PSAT, PLAN. The curriculum leads to a deeper and practical understanding of how to apply concepts learned in tutoring to everyday life. In English, we provide extensive writing levels, grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension building skills up to PLAN level writing”, said the center owner. With specialized classes in Word Problems, fun ways to learn and apply Multiplication Tricks and specialized bootcamps for Algebra II, PSAT and PLAN, MathWizard offers local excellence in exam readiness at affordable rates with no contracts and flexible programs. As to “Why Tutoring?”, says the center owner, “Two reasons – if your child is good at kicking a ball, we try to get them a good soccer class; if they have great rhythm, we try to get them the best dance class; then why not get a great tutoring program in Math and English? If your child is advanced, MathWizard helps keep the child moving forward at their pace. If the child needs additional help, we are here to help to take the fear out of school by focused lessons and lesson texts and practice via homework. No matter how you look at it, MathWizard of Hoboken is here to help improve children’s performance level in school, build a good work ethic required to succeed in higher level exams like the PSAT or PLAN, high school and further in life.”

MathWizard is one of the fastest growing chains for after school tutoring in Math and English. It offers 2014 Core Curriculum based proven materials and methods of tutoring aimed at increasing effectiveness in school while building fundamental knowledge of concepts. For a full range of classes offered please visit any of the Open Houses every Saturday between 10:30- 12:30 pm and avail of an “Early Bird” registration discount through the end of the year. Or make an appointment for Information and Placement Testing any Tuesday, Thursday or Friday, between 4-7 pm and find a class that works best for you.

For more information, please contact or visit:
MathWizard of Hoboken
1200 Grand St., C-2, Hoboken
(Corner of 13th and Grand)
Center Hours: Tu, Th & Fr: 4-8 pm; Sat: 10-1 FB: Mathwizard of Hoboken