Your Representatives in Hoboken City Government

The Hoboken City Council includes three At-Large Members elected to represent the entire City and six Members elected to represent one of our City’s six wards (see Hoboken Ward Map below).

The Council monitors the operation and performance of city agencies, legislates on a wide range of subjects, makes land use decisions and has sole responsibility for approving the city’s budget.

The vast majority of the City Budget is allocated towards public safety organizations such as the Police Department and the Fire Department. The majority of that money goes towards salaries, health care coverage, and pension plans.  Approximately 35% of your Hoboken property tax payments go towards the City Budget while approximately 65% fund the Hoboken Board of Education and the County of Hudson and 1% is used to fund Other initiatives (Open Spaces).

Additionally, each Member serves on at least two Council Committees, such as: Community Development for Wards 1,3 & 4; Community Development for Wards 2,5 & 6; Master Plan/Zoning Ordinance; Revenue & Finance; Health & Human Services/Environmental; Parking & Transportation; Public Safety; and ad hoc Sub Committees.

The Hoboken City Council typically meets on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 7 pm in the Council Chambers at City Hall (94 Washington Street).

(Source: City of Hoboken -

Your Current Representatives in Hoboken City Government:

Ravinder Bhalla, Mayor

Jennifer Giattino, 6th Ward Councilwoman and Hoboken City Council President

Michael DeFusco, 1st Ward Councilman

Tiffanie Fisher, 2nd Ward Councilwoman

Michael Russo, 3rd Ward Councilman

Ruben Ramos, 4th Ward Councilman

Peter Cunningham, 5th Ward Councilman

James Doyle, Council-at-Large

Vanessa Falco, Council-at-Large

Emily Jabbour, Council-at-Large