Hoboken Parks

Hoboken residents are lucky to have a variety of great parks and playgrounds scattered throughout our mile-square city. Venture beyond your local park this summer and explore something new – for a few hours or a full day of fun. Plan ahead and bring lunch, blankets, bathing suits and sunblock and make the best of spending summer in our city.

According to the Hoboken’s Department of Environmental Services, area water parks are typically open from Memorial Day to Labor Day 9am-6pm, with extended hours on especially hot days. Here’s a listing to guide you whether you’ve been here for years or are new to town and want to get acquainted with what Hoboken has to offer.

Castle Point Skate Park
Location: On Sinatra Dr. near 8th St.

This skate parks gets plenty of use by children of all ages. Novices should try to get there early in the day as more experienced skateboarders populate the area during after-school hours. Open daily until dusk.

Church Square Park
Location: On Garden St. between 4th & 5th St.

Church square is a large public spot covering 2 square blocks. The space has three separate play spaces for children of varying ages, four basketball courts, multiple sets of swings, a small water park, and a dog run. The park is a hub of community activity and can get crowded, especially after school lets out and on weekends.

Columbus Park
Location: On Clinton St. between 9th &10th St.

This large park is quite popular, and popular for a reason. Set amid dozens of mature trees, families will find two gated play areas, consisting of swings, ample play space, and several pieces of equipment, all on a shock-absorbing sponged surface. The area reserved for smaller children—early walkers and up—is partially- to fully-shaded, depending on time of day. The entire park offers green space for picnics, public basketball and tennis courts.

Community Garden
Location: On Jackson St. & 3rd St.

The “Community Garden” park has two fenced-in playgrounds with new equipment and shock-absorbing sponged floor. Much of the equipments is for older children and the parks is located on a slope, so parents with toddlers might look elsewhere for fun.

Elysian Park
Location: On Hudson St. between 10th &11th St.

Elysian park facilities are a bit dated, but the space is partially shaded and the two fenced-in play areas are a big hit with kids. Children can also play basketball here and may enjoy watching dogs at the nearby run. There is a bathroom located near the fence overlooking the Hudson.

Harborside Park
Location: Park Ave. at 15th St.

This newish park is attractive and fun and typically not very busy. There are two fenced-in playgrounds, one designated for those under 5 and one for those 5-12. Each jungle gym has multiple slides and shock-absorbing sponged floor. There is a large gazebo between the playgrounds, but this is the only shaded area. There is also a large fenced-in grassy area which is perfect for picnics with toddlers who have a tendency to run astray!

Jackson Street Park
Location: 120 Jackson St

This “hidden” playground is small and dated. Best for a quick play with children older than 5. No green space.

Jefferson Park
Location: 1st and Jefferson St.

Adjacent to the Boys and Girls Club, this park is located between buildings and has a fenced-in area with a jungle gym for older children. No green space.

Madison St. Park
Location: 300 Madison St.

This park is home to the best water park in Hoboken and has a large fenced-in area with new jungle gyms and separate swing sets for babies and older children. The area has shock-absorbing sponged floor for new walkers and ample space surrounding the equipment for free play in a safe environment. The area is partially shaded but there is no green space.

Maxwell Place Park
Location: 11th St. at the water

This riverfront park has green space, a small dog park and a single fenced-in playground with two jungle gyms. The area has shock-absorbing sponged floor and the equipment is perfect for new walkers. There are three picnic tables available for public use and a “beach” area nearby for playing in the sand. No swimming allowed.

Pier A Park
Location: 100 Sinatra Dr.

This large open space is perfect for picnics and people watching and is host to many community events. Surrounding the expansive lawn you can find shaded areas, park benches, jogging lanes, a gazebo and a water park.

Stevens Park
Location: On Hudson St. between 4th & 5th St.

Home of the Hoboken Little League Field, this small park has wonderful city views and ample shade and benches for tired parents. The jungle gym area is not fenced in, but is relatively compact and reset into the ground, making it manageable to keep an eye on your little ones. There are two sets of swings, a small water park and a gated dog run for animal-lovers.