Many of you have asked how you can volunteer…well, here’s your chance!

HFA is looking for volunteers. Volunteering is a great way to get more out of your HFA membership. Not only will you be involved in the action but you will also meet other Hoboken families.

Blog Mavens
Are you an HFA member that stays current with things that are going on in town (and the world in general) and you would like to be able to post items of interest to our blog? We could use your help! We are looking for new ways to make our website more informative by expanding the offering of topics and events that we post to our pages. We are always looking for things to do around town, tips about good products or services in the area, and news items that are helpful or informative to our members. You could also help post items that come in to us from various sources like local merchants, museums and charities.

If you have a particular topic that you are interested in and it fits into the general theme and purpose of the HFA, you could also consider becoming a regular blog correspondent (writing your own stories). Just send us a sample post, and we let you know if it is appropriate for our site.

This is an opportunity to get some experience with the operation and maintenance of a website and blog, as well as volunteering for a non-profit. No major computer skills are necessary, but writing and editing skills are a plus. Our website is run on the WordPress blog platform, which is easy to learn and use, and we will show you everything you need to know. We could use several people for this task, so if you are interested in giving it a try, contact us below.

Here’s what we need:
* 2 volunteers
* Each volunteer will be assigned approx. 7 schools/daycares
* Volunteers call upon school administrators to set up in person meeting – will take approx. 6 hours over the course of a month
* Volunteers will keep in touch with school contact – can take as much or as little time as you deem necessary
* Volunteers will request access to Parent meetings as well as student forums to inform about Project Play- again, not sure how long this will take and will be done over the course of a few months

Here’s what we need:
* 1 volunteer with graphic design experience- will assist with design of posters, brochures, overall marketing materials – time will vary significantly month by month based on activities going on
* 1 volunteer with PR and media background or someone who has contacts in those fields- We want the surrounding community to know all about HFA so we want as much “attention” as we can get! Again, amount of time needed will vary based on activity levels
* 5 volunteers – “Guerilla Marketers”- these volunteers will be assigned sections of Hoboken to canvas with posters to be placed in merchant windows, post flyers on community boards, etc. – will take approx. 2 hours each time we need the “word spread”

We hope you can help in whatever ways you can! We appreciate such positive support from all of you! Thanks so much!

HFA still NEEDS a Grant Writer/Researcher. A fairly major part of the funding to build the new park will come from grants. There are literally hundreds of organizations that have foundations to give back to the community. They target their funds toward things they are interested in supporting. For example NY Giants, NJ Devils, Metlife Foundation, CVS, TD Bank, etc all have foundations interested in education and Health. Perfect fit!

Maybe you’re a stay at home mom/dad looking to keep your business/writing skills sharp, maybe you’re interested in a career change. This is a great way to keep or get experience!

Let us know if you are willing to give your time on this committee.

Thanks so much!



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