Useful Articles

Throughout the year, we publish articles that offer tips, ideas and suggestions. Here is a selection. Always call ahead if responding to an offer or promotion mentioned in an article, as things do change.  For example, The HFA Open Playgroup mentioned in “Keep the Kiddies Moving” begins on Friday, November 5th and will run every Friday from 10:30 to 3 pm all winter, at 124 Grand St., 2nd Floor Gym (this is a change from prior years, when it met on Tuesdays).

Quick and Easy Thanksgiving Tips

by Liz and Anthony Pino, Anthony David’s (Published November 2009, page 4)

Prepare for and prevent flu this season with steps recommended by CDC

By Theresa Howard (Published December 2009 , page 7)

Keep the Kiddies Moving (and Warm) in the Winter

by Laura Seigel (Published January 2010, page 5)

Buy Local, Organic, CSA’s & Farms

by Shana Lee (Published October 2010, page 4)

Think Before You Throw–Some Recycling Ideas

By Elissa Aaronson (Published September 2010, page 5)

Donate and Start a Clean New Year

by Lexi Coen (Published January 2010, page 2)

HFA’s Guide to Summer Fun

(Published August 2010, page 2)

Pro’s Guide to Visiting Sesame Place and Six Flags

By Kai Rebane, Shana Lee and Dalia Tole (Published August 2010, page 5)

Tummy Time Baby!

by Annie Martens, Bella Bellies (published May 2010, page 6)

Kids Eat Free

by Lexi Coen (Published November 2009, page 4)

Succeed as a Stay at Home Dad

by Lexi Coen (Published June 2009, page 1)

Bringing Adoption into the Classroom

by Lyn Danzker (Published October 2009, page 4)

Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

by Michele Hulsman (Published April 2010, page 7)