Viridian Energy

Energy created by renewable resources, “Green Energy” is not just our future, it is our present!

On August 19th, 2010 Gov. Chris Christie signed “The Offshore Wind Economic Development Act into law”. The bill is meant to promote the development of wind power generation off the state’s coast and help the state meet the mandate of its Energy Master Plan, which calls for the development of 3,000 megawatts of offshore wind by 2020. It directs the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities to specify a percentage of electricity sold in the state that must come from offshore wind farms. The percentage must support at least 1,100 megawatts of offshore wind power generation.

“Clean energy technologies will help generate economic growth, now and in the future. Countries like China are already investing heavily and the U.S. should too if it wants to reap the benefits and not fall behind,” Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean Jr. (R-Union) stated. “As a matter of principle, we must take this opportunity to use the emerging new energy economy to create jobs and careers right here in New Jersey and not overseas.”

Locally, the towns or Rutherford and Garfield passed proclamations endorsing Viridian Energy and have both signed up as an Associate (as the HFA has done) encouraging their residents to switch to Viridian Energy as their electricity supplier.

As you may recall, in July, the HFA signed up as an Associate of Viridian. We had astounding success with the number of HFA members who signed up. We are proud to say, that we not only met our first month’s goal, we exceeded it! And, as promised, people from all over NJ are actually saving money! This past month a friend of mine from Long Beach Island faxed me a copy of her bill. She saved $61.41. Another person from Tenafly saved $22.84 and another from Ridgefield saved $37.50. I saved $87.12!

As with anything new, there are lots of questions. The most frequently asked questions have been the following:

  • What if Viridian runs out energy? Can’t happen! The wind and the sun make an unlimited amount of energy. You can however, run out of oil or coal!
  • What if Viridian goes out of business – will I have no power? No. You will immediately revert back to PSE&G’s supplier of choice. There will be no service interruption.
  • Will PSE&G not be responsive to me because I’m a Viridian customer? They don’t care where you get your energy! Their job is to distribute and service. That’s where they make their money.
  • How many customers does Viridian have in NJ? nearly 35,000!
  • Who do I call if I have a problem with my service? You still call PSE&G. They remain responsible for the delivery of your energy as well as for any maintenance and repairs.

Making the switch is simple! There are no enrollment or termination fees . Once your application is approved you will receive a letter from PSE&G confirming that you have chosen Viridian as your third party supplier PSE&G will continue to deliver your power from the same grid directly to your home and continue to service your home or business . You will receive one bill from PSE&G. Viridian will be listed as the supplier on that bill and you make payments as you always have to PSE&G.

How do I sign up?

  1. Log onto
  2. Click on “Become a Customer” on the top right hand side of the Home Page
  3. Fill in the information; name, address, etc. (Your name has to be input EXACTLY as it appears on your bill. For example, if there is a middle initial, input your middle initial, if not the application will be rejected)
  4. Decide if you want to switch to Everyday Green 20% Renewable or Pure Green 100% Green (Everyday Green saves more money; Pure Green saves the earth more!)
  5. Be sure you have your Utility Bill with you. You will have to input the POD ID # that starts with PE…be sure that you don’t put in the PG # (that is you GAS id #)

Join Project Play in their efforts to LIVE GREEN by spreading the word to switch to Viridian. Together we can positively impact the environment.