School Related Articles

The HFA newsletter regularly carries articles on local schooling options.  Here is a selection of recently published articles. Timely articles about schools are regularly featured, so keep reading the newsletter.

Outlook Uncertain for Universal Early Childhood Education

by Dalia Tole (Published  December 2010)

Find the Right School for Your Child

by Dalia Tole (Published  October 2010)

Missed the Cut-off? Here is What You Can Do

by Dalia Tole (Published September 2010)

Selecting a School–Finding the Right One for Your Kid

by Arlene Phalon Baldassari (Republished from Palisade Magazine with permission of the Hudson Reporter Associates, L.P.)

Motivation in the First Weeks of School

By Susan Kaplan (Published October 2009, page 5)

Ease Your Child’s Transition to School

by Dalia Tole (Published August 2010)