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October 2015

  • HFA All Schools Open House and Rummage & Ruffage Harvest Day
  • Picking the Best School
  • Harvest and Halloween Activities
  • Will Moving to the Suburbs Save You Money?
  • Pumpkin/Apple Picking Farm Trips

September 2015

  • HFA 6th Annual Backpack & School Supply Drive
  • Books to Prepare Kids for School
  • Dealing with Missed School Cut-off
  • How to Get into Museums: For Free
  • HFA Special Needs Bike Camp
  • Community Business Updates

Summer 2015

  • Summer Fun in Hoboken
  • STEM-a-thon
  • Hoboken Kids Excel in National Math Olympiad
  • HFA Grant Update: The Waterfront Project
  • New Midtown Farmer’s Market
  • Taking the Kids to the Zoo (Without
  • TRUE Mentors Summer Activities

April 2015

  • Hoboken Mutzfest 2015
  • HFA Holiday Party – Thank You
  • 7th Annual HFA Holiday Toy & Pajama Drive
  • HFA Community Neighbor Grant Update – Women Rising
  • Is Your Home Freezing Cold in Winter? How to Find and Fix the Problem

February 2015

  • HFA Cabin Fever 2015
  • Memberships Perks of HFA: Local Discounts
  • Third Annual Hoboken Mutzfest
  • Valentine’s Day Treats, Made with Love by Kids

January 2015

  • Hoboken Mutzfest 2015
  • HFA Holiday Party – Thank You
  • 7th Annual HFA Holiday Toy & Pajama Drive
  • Is Your Home Freezing Cold in Winter? How to
    Find and Fix the Problem

August 2014

  • After-School Activities Directory
  • HFA “Back to School” Annual Backpack & School Supply Drive,

June 2014

  • A Great Time at the Annual HFA Egg Hunt!
  • Bake Sale A Great Success
  • A Swimming Story
  • Breastfeeding is both normal and natural but this doesn’t make it easy!

April 2014

  • HFA Spring Fling Egg Hunt
  • Garden State Discovery Museum
  • Cabin Fever a Great Success!
  • Mutzfest Results

March 2014

  • The Summer Camps Special Edition!

February 2014

  • HFA Holiday Party
  • Big Thanks For A Successful Holiday Drive
  • Programming Changes for 2014 at the Hoboken Library
  • Midwives delivering at Hackensack UMC

January 2014

  • Mutzfest 2014
  • Considering Camp For Next Year? Get A Jumpstart This Winter!
  • Stay Healthy This Cold & Flu Season With Acupuncture and Herbal Remedies

December 2013

  • Mutzfest 2014
  • Special Olympics Basketball Begins January 4, 2014
  • Recipe Corner – Snowball Cookies
  • Jubilee Center Birthday Party

November 2013

  • HFA Gala Was A Great Trip Around The World!
  • Annual Toy & Pajama Drive For Local Children
  • Big Fun Holiday Toy Drive Kickoff Party
  • Update On Hoboken Parks

October 2013

  • HFA Backpack and School Supply Drive
  • Recipe Corner – Salmon–Chickpea Salad
  • Boo At The Zoo

September 2013

August 2013

  • HFA All Schools Open House October 8th
  • Fantastic Time at the Bike Camp!

June 2013

  • Mark your calendar for our HFA Gala, Thursday, September 19, 2013, 7-10 p.m. “Around the World in One Square Mile” at The Kolo Klub
  • HFA Successful Kids Cancer Bake Sale!
  • Local Programs For Children With Special Needs!
  • Would Your Picky Eater or Special Needs Child Benefit from Nutrition Therapy?
  • Summer Kids Fun

May 2013

  • HFA Spring Fling Egg Hunt a Dashing Success!
  • Girl Scouts in Hoboken!
  • HFA Spring Swap Meet on April 6th!

April 2013

  • 2013 Summer Camps Issue
  • HFA Spring Swap

March 2013

  • HFA Spring Fling Egg Hunt
  • Get Involved, Volunteer with HFA!
  • February and March around the World
  • Programs at the Hoboken Library
  • Sports Opportunities for children with Special Needs continues to grow in Hoboken
  • Mutzfest: The Story Continues…
  • HFA membership benefits! Check out our list of Member Discounts

February 2013

  • Join us for our 11th Annual Cabin Fever Festival on Saturday, February 23rd
  • Get Involved, Volunteer with HFA!
  • Preschool of Rock is one of the many entertainers joining the HFA Cabin Fever Festival
  • Special Thanks for our Holiday Drive Success
  • A sell-out crowd helps crown the top mozzarella maker at MutzFest
  • HFA membership benefits! Check out our list of Member Discounts
  • The First Annual Hoboken Mutz Fest on January 20 is just around the corner
  • Year Of The Park!
  • Church Square Park Open!
  • Holiday Charitable Luncheon
  • Jubilee Center Birthday Party
  • News From The Hoboken Library!
  • HFA Holiday Party!

November/December 2012

September 2012
Article index: Hoboken Tasting & Gala: Turn Back to the ’20s! | 8th Annual HFA All Schools Open House | HFA Fall 2012 Swap Meet: 10/13/12 | HFA Donates to Rebuild Hoboken Charter School | HFA Welcomes New Membership Director | Lose the Training Wheels Bike Camp Success and Photos | Pumpkin Painting with Stevens Institute of Tech Phi Sigma Sigma | Hoboken Flashback 2004-2005 | Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Why Breast Density Matters

August 2012
Article index: The Hoboken Tasting Gala: Turn Back to the ’20s! | HFA “Back to School” Annual Backpack & School Supply Drive | August Kids’ Activities and Camps | Summer Excursion Suggestions | Beach, Kids and Fun | How to Feed an “Entertainer” Kid | Helping Your Children Cope With Bad News | Save the Date: 8th Annual HFA All Schools Open House

July 2012
Article index: HFA College Scholarship Winners | HFA “Back to School” Annual Backpack & School Supply Drive | Lose the Training Wheels Bike Camp for Children with Disabilities | Free Summer Events | Creating Connection on a Family Trip | Children’s Summer Reading at the Hoboken Public Library

May/June 2012
Did you know there are more than 35 summer camp options in and around Hoboken? Hoboken Family Alliance is pleased to publish our 2012 summer camps issue, with options for kids aged 3 to teens. Which camps offer full day and partial days? Which can accommodate kids attending less than five days a week? How much do they cost? Is extended care or sibling discount available? Find all your answers in one place. Click to visit website, or pick up the phone, numbers are listed. As a courtesy to our paid members, the April issue of HFA newsletter will not be uploaded in the near future.

For membership, $40 annually, please visit, click on the ABOUT HFA tab, and then JOIN HFA.

February 2012
Article index: 10th Annual Cabin Fever Festival Recap | HFA Spring Fling (Egg Hunt) | Noodles for my Noodle | HFA Community Neighbor Awards | HFA 2nd Annual Bike Camp for Children with Disabilities | Juggling Work and Home | Two New Medical Facilities Open

January 2012
Article index: 10th Annual Cabin Fever Festival | HFA Board Positions Available | Everyday Toiletries and Medicine Essentials for Newborn Babies | Easy Fundraising To Help Your School | Private, Domestic Child Adoption | New Winter CSA Comes to Hoboken

November 2011
Article index: Holiday Donation Drives to Benefit Children In Need | HFA Community Neighbor Awards | Secrets For a Stress-Free Holiday Season | Balancing a Pet and Baby | Getting Ready to Get a Pet | On the Road – Fall Day Trip Ideas | Raising Healthy Eaters–A Support Group | Limited Funds for Your Kid’s Orthodontics?

October 2011
Article index: HFA All Schools Open House | HFA Sponsors Youth Soccer | HFA Fall 2011 Swap Meet | HFA Annual School Supply Drive Recap | Letting Go of Expectations in Motherhood | HFA Member Discounts: Vidappe Update | How to Make a Mammogram More Tolerable | A New Chapter in My Life | Getting Myself and My Son Ready for Baby | Upcoming Local Family Events

September 2011
Article index: Discussing Stranger Safety Issues with Your Children | An Abundance of Kid Classes | Why I Started Indian Music Classes for Kids | Finding the Closest Public Restroom | Upcoming Events | Serve Veggies FIRST | Library Card Sign-up Month | Donate Your Leftover Birthday Supplies

July-August 2011
Article index: Living with Three Children in Hoboken | 1st HFA Back to School Supplies Drive | HFA Grant Update–Women Rising | Free Kids’ Movies and Concerts | Summer Enrichment Options | Stay Cool and Healthy With Yogurt | HFA Member Discounts | New Storytimes at the Hoboken Library | Permanent Allergy Relief Is Possible

June 2011
Article index: A Gala Time At the Inaugural Hoboken Spring Gala | HFA Grant Update–Hudson CASA | HFA Grant Update–Hudson Milestones | Fundraiser Update–Viridian Energy | Boredom Busters for Your Kids | Build a Nest Egg For Your Child | Celebrate Birthdays at Jubilee Center | Bedbugs Bite | Summer Reading at the Library | City of Hoboken Summer Activities

May 2011
Article index: And So It Began | Newborn Essentials | Getting Ready for Child #2, 3 or 4! | Five Ways to Find “Me Time” | 13th Annual HFA Egg Hunt Recap | Expecting Twins? | It’s a Great Book, Baby | Starting a Family Through Adoption | An Organized Spring Cleaning | Swap Meet Success!

April 2011
Article index:1st Marquee HFA FundRaiser–Hoboken Spring Gala | Project Play Achieves Goal! | HFA Egg Hunt | HFA Spring 2011 Swap Meet | The Garden of Rikki Tikki Tavi | HFA 2011 Summer Camps Issue –Almost 30 camp options in and around Hoboken!

March 2011
Article index: The Best Cabin Fever Yet | HFA Hoboken Spring Gala | HFA Community Neighbor Awards | HFA Spring 2011 Swap Meet | Reclaim Your Boundaries | Making the Best of the Space You Got | Do You Need a Mouthguard? | Books for Bullies and the Bullied | Turning Lemons into Lemonade: Easy Ways to Clean Green

February 2011
Article index: Cabin Fever Set to Sizzle on February 13 | Thank You for Your Generous Donations | Adoption Enters an Era of Open Cooperation | Celebrating Diversity at the Library | Save the Dates: Spring Fling and Egg Hunt–April 16, HFA 10th Anniversary Gala–May 12 | Mom Tips on Traveling with Kids

December 2010
Article index: 7th Annual Community Neighbor Awards | Save the Date: HFA Cabin Fever Festival | Let’s Make the World a Cozier Place | Celebrate Winter Holidays with HFA | Outlook Uncertain for Universal Early Childhood Ed | HFA Swap Meet a Success | HFA Celebrates Birthdays at Jubilee Center | Special Olympics Fall Training Wraps Up | Holiday Count-up | Reading Day for Children with Special Needs | Upcoming Key Dates | Local Holiday Events and Shows

November 2010
Article index: Give From the Heart to Benefit Children In Need | Get Your VIP Discount Card Now | HFA Biannual Swap Meet | HFA Donates to the Community | Need Help for Thanksgiving? | A NYC Restaurant Guide for Kids | Schools Open House Recap | Stroller Stampede a Success! | Read about Sharing | SAVE THE DATE: HFA Holiday Party | New Moms Bond Over Lunch | A Community Bookstore & More | Kaplan Book Fair and Family Day

October 2010
Article index: Project Play gets Support from Mayors, Business Leaders and Citizens | HFA Project Play Launches VIP Cards with | Find the Right School for Your Child | Buy Local, Organic, CSA’s & Farms | Spread the Word to End the “R-Word” | 1st Annual Hoboken Family Arts Fest | Happy Birthday to the Hoboken Library | Upcoming Events

September 2010
Article index: Missed the Cut-off? Here is What You Can Do | Why I Work For Free | Cookies for Cooperation? 10 OTHER Ways to Bribe Kids | Families Likely to Pay More for Early Intervention | Adventures in Hoboken: Lackawanna Terminal and Model Trains | Think Before You Throw-Some Recycling Ideas | Get Ready for Fall with a Library Card | Upcoming Events

August 2010
Article index: Ease Your Child’s Transition to School | HFA’s Guide to August Fun | Pro’s Guide to Visiting Sesame Place | Going to Six Flags? Here’s How to Save a Little Money | Childbirth and Parent Education

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