Sports and Fitness

LakeView Day Camp
Address: 505 Riva Avenue, East Brunswick, NJ
Phone Number: 732-821-8933
Age Range: Ages 3-15 years
When: June 29th - August 21st; 4,5,6,7 and 8 week sessions; Days are 9:00am-4:00pm
Early Drop-Off/Late Pick-Up Options: Early Drop-off beginning at 7:30am with Late Pick-up until 6:00pm
Transportation Provided: Small, air-conditioned busses with driver and camp staff member

Swimming, arts, sports, ropes course, lake boating and creative playgrounds, instructional and free swim daily. Arts: cooking, art, jewelry, ceramics, woodworking, theater, music, dance, science, & robotics. Sports: gymnastics, tennis, soccer, basketball, softball, hockey, flag football, golf. Adventure: high and low ropes course, zip line, canoeing, sailing, kayaking, paddle boarding, mountain biking, nature and outdoor skills, archery, fishing, go-karts. Free Play: 4 independent, creative playgrounds

Cost: Rates vary per Kiddie Kastle (prek-K), Main (1st-7th) and Teen Camp (7th-9th) and number of sessions attending. Full tuition rates can be found on our website. Our tuition is all inclusive (Transportation, Tshirts, Full Hot Meals, Unlimited Daily Snacks, Backpack, Water bottle, Camp Pictures and MORE!)
Discounts Available: 5% discount for 2nd sibling, 10% discount for 3rd sibling, 15% discount for 4th sibling
Early Enrollment Discounts are available every Fall.
Pay in Full Discounts are available every October.
Information Updated for:: 2019
Leadership fun! Relay races, STEM projects, Theater exercises, Team building games
Address: The Hudson School
601 Park Avenue
Hoboken, NJ
Phone Number: 7189541357
Age Range: 8-14
When: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, 9:00am - 4:00pm
Jul 22, 2019 - Jul 26, 2019 (5 days)
Early Drop-Off/Late Pick-Up Options: Teachers are usually there 10 minutes before and 15 minutes after.
Transportation Provided: No

This camp includes all of our most popular programs: Leadership, Debate and Mock Trial


Presentation - Communication (with individuals and within a group) - Negotiation (individual and multi-party, distributive and integrative) - Delegation - Adaptability - Initiative - Time management - Conflict resolution - Teamwork - Critical thinking - Emotional Intelligence (Empathy) -Mediation - Preparation - Organization

This class will include:
• -Improvisation and other Theatre games
• -Building with Kinex, Legos and other materials
• -Balloon relay races, sack races and obstacle courses
• -Engineering with gumdrops, DIY catapults
• -Fencing (with inflatable lightsabers)
• -Dodgeball (foam balls), Volleyball and other physical activities

Speech and Debate

The objective of this program is to prepare participants for the myriad situations that require formal and informal presentations. Participants will learn how to craft and present arguments, opinions and ideas. They will learn the fundamentals of rhetoric and will practice informing, persuading and motivating an audience in a variety of ways. The grading rubric was adapted with the permission of Neil Mercer, the Director of research and Head of Faculty at The University of Cambridge.

Parliamentary Debate
Students will learn to effectively present and defend a persuasive argument using the ARESR method developed by the English Speaking Union. Students will learn to outline, draft, develop and deliver effective arguments and counter arguments. They will learn to refute using the four steps of effective refutation. They will explore what is efficient-and inefficient-in arguments (and counter arguments) and the different methods that popular orators have used throughout the years to sway opinion. We will also address political framing techniques, speaker-audience and speaker-topic commonality, persuasive rhetoric, fallacies in reasoning, persuasive use of evidence and stylistic devices.

Mock Trial
Mock trial is a hands on simulation of the American judicial system. The goal is to help participants acquire a working knowledge of our judicial system, develop analytical abilities and communication skills, display leadership in a court of law, and gain an understanding of their obligations and responsibilities as participating members of our society. Materials for this course are provided by The American Bar Association and The Constitutional Rights Foundation.

Exploration and explanation of basic legal concepts, court etiquette and vocabulary
-Criminal vs. civil trial

-Bench vs jury trial

-Prosecution vs defense

-Lay witness vs expert witness

-Presumption of innocence

-Burden of proof

-Reasonable doubt

-Rules of Evidence

-Use of exhibits

-Direct vs circumstantial evidence

-Objections and objectionable material

-Witness impeachment

Case Analysis
-Analysis of statement of charges

-Breakdown of the elements of each charge

-Analyzing the burden of proof

-Outlining the evidence for and against each charge, including: Forensic evidence, eyewitness testimony and statements

-Determining motive or lack of motive

-Determining the opportunity or lack of opportunity to commit the crime

-Analysis of corroboration and/or inconsistencies between witnesses

-Analysis of exhibits

Assignment and analysis of roles in the mock trial
-Pairing witnesses with testimony

-Preparing students for the duties of each role

-Explanation and exploration of the trial process as it relates to each role

Writing and practicing Direct examinations
-Purpose, scope and expectations for each role

-Analysis of proper examination

-Further analysis of witness statements

-Outline of direct examination

-Draft of direct examination

-Analysis and removal of objectionable or extraneous material

-Witness preparation

-Adjustment based on witness preparation

-Timing of direct examinations and further editing if needed

-Responding to objections

Writing and practicing cross examinations
-Purpose, scope and expectation for each role

-Analysis of proper cross examination

-Analysis of anticipated direct examination

-Further analysis of witness statements

-Outline of cross examination

-Draft of cross examination

-Analysis and removal of objectionable, leading or extraneous material

-Witness preparation

-Adjustment based on witness preparation

-Timing of cross examinations and further editing if needed

-Responding to objections

Writing and practicing re-direct examinations
-Purpose, scope and expectation for each role

-Analysis of proper re-direct examination

-Analysis of cross examination as it pertains to re-direct examination

-Determining what needs clarification and/or dismissal

-Analysis of objectionable and/or extraneous material

-Timing of re-direct examination and further editing if necessary

Writing and practicing openings (Prosecution/Plaintiff and Defense)
-Purpose, scope, structure and expectations for openings

-Persuasive rhetoric and opening arguments

-Analysis of jury instructions and jury

-Developing and delivering the 'theme' of a case

-Analysis of extraneous or unhelpful information

-Further contemplation of burden of proof and how it pertains to the openings

-Contrasting analysis of defense's opening to the prosecution's opening

-Outline of the opening

-Draft of the opening

-Timing of openings and further editing if necessary

Writing and practicing closings (Prosecution/Plaintiff and defense)
-Purpose, scope, structure and expectations for closings

-Analysis of the charges, evidence, testimony and adjustments that the case may have brought

-Analysis of reasonable doubt

-Persuasive weighing of each argument

-Analysis of what may and may not be referenced in the closing

-Discussion of adaptability and last moment adjustments

-Outline of closings

-Draft of closings

-Timing of closings and additional editing if necessary

Mock trial performance

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Camp Dates
• Students will need to bring their own lunch and snacks. • Camp must have a minimum of 6 Students. If 6 Students are not enrolled, full refunds will be issued for those registered and the camp will be canceled.

Cost: $1000 full camp, $240 Drop in for a day
Information Updated for:: 2019
Miss Yvonne Swim School
Address: 1200 Koelle Blvd, Secaucus
Phone Number: 201.600.4640
Age Range: 3+ years
When: Spring Break: April 22-26
Summer: June 17-Aug 30
Early Drop-Off/Late Pick-Up Options: Flexible morning drop-off 7:30AM-8:30AM (free) Aftercare 4-6PM ($20/Day)
Flexible morning drop off & Aftercare (requires parent drop off and pick up)
Transportation Provided: Complimentary from Hoboken, Jersey City and Weehawken
Pick-up time in Hoboken is approximately 8/8:15am and drop-off time is approximately 4:45pm. A teacher counselor will always ride with the campers. We also implemented a tracker last year where you can be added to view our route on the way home and know if we are in a traffic jam or just a couple blocks away!

Our camps are being housed in the gorgeous Secaucus Recreation facility located at 1200 Koelle Blvd that has 4 outdoor pools, grassy area, shaded areas, a baseball and soccer field, an indoor pool and basketball court and track run (in case of inclement weather) all of which we will be able to use every single day. The day will include swim lessons 2x/day, swim practice 2x/day, an outdoor adventure, a sports activity and a guided arts activity daily. The ratio is 1 teacher counselor per every 4 campers.

Cost: One Week $1039, Registration/equipment fee $50
Information Updated for:: 2019
Address: Hoboken Location: Monroe Center - 720 Monroe Street, 3rd Floor, Suite E-312, Hoboken, 252 9th Street, Jersey City (lower level of St. Michael’s Church in Hamilton Park)
Phone Number: 201-758-8390 (Hoboken); 201-205-1218 (Jersey City); 201-222-1616 (River Road)
Age Range: Ages 2 ½-13 years (campers must be potty-trained)
When: June 24th - August 29th; Days are Mondays-Thursdays from 1:00pm-4:00pm
Early Drop-Off/Late Pick-Up Options: n/a
Transportation Provided: n/a (local)

Children participate in energizing fitness games, noncompetitive gymnastics, arts and crafts, music and more. Each camp program is uniquely designed to keep children moving and active, as we emphasize physical development and personal success. Themes and programs change daily, so no two camp days at My Gym are ever the same. My Gym makes it easy for parents with their drop-off program, pay-by-the-day options and multi-day discounts.

Cost: Members:$40/session
Discounts Available: The more you BUY the more you SAVE!
1 to 4 = $40 per session
5 to 9 = $35 per session
10 to 19 = $30 per session
20+ = $25 per session
* NonMembers add $10 per session.
Information Updated for:: 2019
Address: Elysian Charter School (1460 Garden Street)
Phone Number: 732-995-0815
Age Range: Girls & Boys Ages 7-14 years (Team play will be specific to age)
When: Camp Week will be Monday - Thursday
Week 1 - July 10 -13
Week 2 - July 24 - 27
Week 3 - August 14 - 17
Week 4 - August 28 - 31
Days are 9:00am-3:00pm
​Half Days are available
Early Drop-Off/Late Pick-Up Options: Early Drop-off beginning at 7:00am with Late Pick-up until 5:00pm
Transportation Provided: n/a (local)

Instructional basketball, camper to coach ratio is 8:1, daily lectures by college coaches and players as well as special guest appearances by NBA and overseas professional players.

Cost: $310.00 per camper per week. First 50 campers to register receive a free Next Basket Wins basketball. Every camper receives a camp tee-shirt.
Discounts Available: Sibling, multi-week, and team discounts are available.
Park Prep Academy
Address: 519 Central Avenue, Jersey City Heights
Phone Number: 201-217-0202
Age Range: Ages 2-5 years
When: July 8th - August 23rd; Days are 9:00am-3:00pm; One or two month sessions are available
Early Drop-Off/Late Pick-Up Options: Early Drop-off beginning at 7:30am with Late Pick-up until 6:30pm
Transportation Provided: N/A. Ample FREE parking/designated drop-off zone directly in front

Off-site Field Trips, Water/Sprinkler Park, Playground Facilities, Arts and Crafts, Science, Math, Literacy Exploration, Dress-up Days, Guest Performers and more! Upcoming Monthly Open House dates will be listed on Park Prep Academy’s website calendar.

Cost: $680 - $1,450/month
Discounts Available: 5% Sibling Discount
Information Updated for:: 2019
Playbook Basketball Camp at Elysian Charter School
Address: 1460 Garden St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Camp Categories:
Phone Number: 917-725-6514
Age Range: 4-15
When: Week 1: July 9 - July 13, Monday - Thursday 9-4, Friday 9-3
Week 2: July 9 - July 13, Monday - Thursday 9-4, Friday 9-3
Week 3: July 9 - July 13, Monday - Thursday 9-4, Friday 9-3
Early Drop-Off/Late Pick-Up Options: Early Drop Off: 8am - 9am
Late Pick Up: 4pm - 5pm
Transportation Provided: Yes, for anyone within a 30-minute radius

Basketball Camp featuring appearances by NBA
Skill building
Competitions and more

Cost: 495
Discounts Available: Yes we have many discounts available please call 917-725-6514 for more information
Information Updated for:: 2018
Pulse Premier Sports Camps
Address: 350 Mt Pleasant Ave, West Orange, NJ 07052
Camp Categories: ,
Phone Number: 7325632526
Age Range: 5-15
When: Multiple camps throughout the summer; see website for details
Early Drop-Off/Late Pick-Up Options: Early drop off at 8:00 AM, Late Pickup from 4:00 to 5:30 PM
Transportation Provided: NO

Golf, Tennis, Swimming

Cost: $319-$559
Discounts Available: Yes, visit website and see page labeled SALE for more details
Information Updated for:: 2019
Address: 14 Dittmar Road, Freehold, NJ
Phone Number: 732-308-0405
Age Range: Ages 3-15 years
When: July 1st - August 23rd ; Campers may register for 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 weeks; Days are 9:00am-4:00pm; 3, 4 and 5 Day Options for PreK and K campers.
Transportation Provided: Air Conditioned buses
NJ Certified CDL Drivers
Bus counselor on each bus
Convenient central pick up locations

Beautiful 20 acre shaded campus, hot lunch and Kosher lunch, daily free swim and instructional swim, exciting special events, sports, arts and crafts, go-karts, rock climbing and much more! The 20 acres of trees, rolling hills, streams and natural surroundings give a "sleep-away camp" feel right here at home.

Cost: Rates vary based on number of weeks attending. Full tuition rate information can be found on the camp's website.
Discounts Available: Sibling Discounts; Pay in Full Discounts; Transportation Discounts
Information Updated for:: 2019
Address: 125 Marshall Street, 7th Floor, Hoboken
Phone Number: 201-222-2582
Age Range: 3-12 years
When: June 27th - August 26th; Half-Days for ages 3-4 years are 9:00am-12:00pm, Full-Days for ages 5-12 years are 9:00am-4:00pm
Early Drop-Off/Late Pick-Up Options: Early Drop-off beginning at 8:00am with Late Pick-up until 6:30pm

Swimming, martial arts, sports conditioning, dance and trips.

Cost: $549 for one week; $499/week for two or more weeks, 5% discount for five or more weeks
Discounts Available: Pay in full by April 30, 2016 and receive an additional 5% discount when signing up for two weeks or more
Spring Break Camp 2018
Address: Diamond Gymnastics
738 Willow Ave, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone Number: 2012227722
Age Range: 5 - 12
When: April 2nd - 6th
9am - 2pm
Early Drop-Off/Late Pick-Up Options: NA
Transportation Provided: NA

2+ hours of gymnastics instruction, park play, relays, games and more!

Cost: $90 / child / day
Information Updated for:: 2018
Address: 234 Conklintown Road, Ringwood, NJ
Phone Number: 973-831-9000
Age Range: Ages 3-15 years
When: June 26th -August 17th Days for ages 4-15 years are 9:00am-4:00pm. Mini-DayProgram which is 3, 4 or 5 days/week from 9:00am-1:20pm is available for 3 and 4 year olds. There is no half-day bus service back to Hoboken. Parents must pick-up campers in Mini-Day Program at 1:15pm.
Early Drop-Off/Late Pick-Up Options: n/a
Transportation Provided: Central pick-up locations in Hoboken with pick-up by 8:00am and drop-off by 5:00pm

Swim, sports, arts, creative arts, trips, adventure challenge and weekly special events.

Cost: Rates vary based on Grade and Sessions. Full tuition rates are listed on the 2016 Camper Application found on the camp’s website.
Discounts Available: Sibling discounts available
Information Updated for:: 2017
Summer Discovery at Stevens Cooperative School
Address: 339 River Street, Hoboken (for PreK 3 and PreK 4 Day Camp and Specialty Classes); 100 River Drive, Jersey City (for K - 8th grade Day Camp and Specialty Courses)
Phone Number: 201-626-4020
Age Range: Entering PreK 3 - 8th Grade
When: Register for Summer Discovery Today!
June 18 - August 10, 2018
Pre-K - 8th Grade Campers
Early Drop-Off/Late Pick-Up Options: Early Drop-off beginning at 8:00am for PreK 4 - 8th grade with Late Pick-up until 5:00pm for PreK 4 and 6:00pm for K - 8th grade.
Transportation Provided: n/a (local)

Summer is almost here! Secure your spot in our popular summer camp programs for this summer! We offer a wide range of program options for PreK 3s to 8th grade, plus all the amenities of a suburban day camp, minutes from home. All camps are led by experienced teachers and specially selected staff. Camp sessions are filling up quickly!

Visit to download the Summer Discovery Brochure and learn more!

For questions and to RSVP, please email

Cost: Rates vary. Full tuition rates can be found on the camp’s website.
Discounts Available: n/a
Information Updated for:: 2018
Super Duper Tennis
Address: 105 River Drive S. - 9th Fl Rooftop Tennis Facility, Jersey City NJ (Newport Waterfront, short walk from Hoboken PATH/Light Rail)
Camp Categories:
Phone Number: (908) 910-4894
Age Range: 4-10 YRS
When: "School's Out Camp" - June 24th - June 28th
"Start-of-Summer Camp" - July 8th - July 12th
"July Camp I" - July 15th - July 19th
"July Camp II" - July 22nd - July 26th
"Mid-Summer Camp" - July 29th - Aug 2nd
"August Camp I" - Aug 12th - Aug 16th
"August Camp II" - Aug 19th - Aug 23rd
"End-of-Summer Camp" - Aug 26th - Aug 30th
Early Drop-Off/Late Pick-Up Options: 8:30 AM Early Drop-off and/or 1 PM Late Pick-up offered (free of charge)
Transportation Provided: No

Tennis starts at 9AM sharp and ends at 1230PM
Super Duper welcome & equipment/safety intro
Focused and fun dynamic warm-ups & exercises
Athletic development (agility, balance, coordination & speed)
Tennis-specific skills (strokes, rallying, consistency & control)
Dynamic drills combining stroke repetition and movement
Snack (or lunch) break + school (tennis facts/quizzes) / arts & crafts
Grand slam team games & play
Cool down - stretch - review

Cost: $395 / Week (pick any week/s you want)
Information Updated for:: 2019
Address: Harborside Park - 1500 Park Avenue, Hoboken
Camp Categories:
Phone Number: 212-877-7171
Age Range: Ages 2 ½ - 5 years
When: June 13th - September 2nd; Monday-Friday; Days are 9:15am-11:15am
Early Drop-Off/Late Pick-Up Options: n/a
Transportation Provided: n/a (local)

Our "Fun in the Sun Camp" is for ages 3-5 years and includes 2 hours of outdoor soccer fun and activities.

Cost: $225/week
Discounts Available: n/a
Tessa International School – Spanish, French or Mandarin Summer Camps
Address: 720 Monroe Street Suite E105-106, Hoboken, 07030, NJ
Phone Number: 201-755-5585
Age Range: 3 to 7 years old
When: Monday to Friday from 8.30am-4pm
June 29th 2020 – August 28st 2020
Half days available
You can register per week too
There is a minimum of two consecutive weeks’ enrollment for the half-day option.

Early Drop-Off/Late Pick-Up Options: Yes
Before care from 7.30am
After care until 7pm
Transportation Provided: Pick-ups available in Hoboken, Weehawken and Jersey City. Contact us for more information.

Language immersion through fun activities. Choose from French, Mandarin and Spanish.

Early language education is a gift that lasts a lifetime. Take advantage of this perfect mix of fun academics and outdoor activities!
- Songs
- Games
- Art & Crafts
- Movement & much more

Cost: Price for one week – full day: $472 to $519 depending on the # of weeks.

Price for one week – half day: $255 to $279 depending on the # of weeks – There is a minimum of two consecutive weeks’ enrollment for the half-day option. We encourage full day registration so that your child can fully benefit from our immersion approach.

Discounts Available: There is a 10% discount for the second child in the same family.
The more weeks you sign up for, the greater the discount!
Information Updated for:: 2019
The French American Academy
Address: 209 Third Street, Jersey City
Phone Number: 201-459-6462
Age Range: Ages 3-8 years
When: June 26th - August 18th; Days are 9:00am-3:00pm
Early Drop-Off/Late Pick-Up Options: Early Drop-off beginning at 8:30am with Late Pick-up until 6:00pm
Transportation Provided: n/a (local)

The French American Academy offers a vibrant French-immersion summer program with varied fun activities such as sports, dance, language, art and cooking. No prior knowledge of French is required.

Cost: Rates vary based on number of weeks attending. Full tuition rates can be found on the camp’s website.
Discounts Available: 5% Early Bird Registration Discount
Information Updated for:: 2017
The Inner Athlete
Address: TIA is offering 2 Summer Camps this Summer 2018
TIA Home Base: 720 Monroe St. Suite C409 Hoboken, NJ 07030
TIA On The Field: Maxwell Pier, Hoboken NJ 07030
Phone Number: 201-603-8008
Age Range: Ages 2.5 (potty trained) - 7 years
When: June 25th - August 31st;
TIA on the Field at Maxwell: Runs 5 days/week from 9:00am-12:00pm;
TIA Home Base at Monroe Center: Runs 5 days/week from 9am-3pm
Early Drop-Off/Late Pick-Up Options: n/a
Transportation Provided: n/a (local)

TIA Summer Camps run for 10 weeks. We introduce sports such as basketball, baseball, tennis, football and lots others. Our camps are highly active but not competitive. You can book 3 weeks or more with lots of options.

Camp runs from 9am-12pm. Campers will be playing 2-3 sports daily in their “teams.” Camp also includes playground time, snack time, and teamwork activities.

Camp runs from 9am-3pm. Campers will be playing 2-3 sports and have daily outside time at the local playgrounds. (Park at The Vine and Madison Park) Children will have lunch and two snack breaks as well as a daily craft and creative play time. Fridays are PIZZA DAY from NAPOLIS!

Please visit out website for registration information.

5 Days a Week, Ages 3-7 (must be potty trained)
$450 per week* / $400 for siblings (*$50 less week of July 4th)

Ages 2.5-7 (must be potty trained). All campers must register for a MINIMUM of 3 WEEKS of OTF camp. Pick your days. Single drop in camp days will be offered once camp has begun for $60.
Option #1- 3 day/week $170
Option #2- 4 days/week $210
Option #3- 5 days/week $250
Option #4 - Monday & Friday $100
(15% off sibling discount)
Discounts Available: Register by March 15th and get 10% off
15 % Sibling Discount
Information Updated for:: 2018
Address: 900 Monroe Street, Hoboken
Phone Number: 201-857-8377
Age Range: Ages 2-12 years
When: June 27th – September 2nd; Campers may attend any time during hours of operation. The Center is open from 6:30am-6:30pm.
Early Drop-Off/Late Pick-Up Options: Contact Center directly to discuss.
Transportation Provided: n/a (local)

Our Summer Camp keeps children engaged with hands-on learning activities like science experiments, art projects, outdoor sports and activities, water play, visits from entertainers and weekly themes.

Cost: Contact Center directly for full tuition rate information.
Discounts Available: Contact Center directly for available discounts.
Willow Lake Day Camp
Address: 200 Highway 181, Hopatcong, NJ
Phone Number: 973-663-2267
Age Range: Ages 3-14 years
When: June 24th - August 16th; Days are 9:00am-4:00pm; 3 and 4 day options for campers entering Pre K in the fall.
Early Drop-Off/Late Pick-Up Options: n/a
Transportation Provided: Door-to-door transportation as well as a Central Pick-up location provided. Air-conditioned mini-bus with professional driver, seat belts and counselor who plays games and supervises. Pick-up around 7:45AM and Drop-off around 5:00PM.

Aquatics, Athletics, Arts, Adventure and the best Special Events ANYWHERE! 4 Heated pools, 2 lakes, tubing, boating, swim instruction, playground, basketball complex, soccer (turf field), baseball (turf field), hockey, tennis, lacrosse, yoga, theater performances, gymnastics, dance, cooking, martial arts, climbing tower, rope courses, zip lines, science, nature, go-karts, fishing, archery, art, ceramics, candle making, basketry, jewelry, rocketry and more!

Cost: Rates vary per number of weeks attending. Full tuition rate information can be found on the camp’s website.
Discounts Available: Weekly price decreases when more weeks are selected
Information Updated for:: 2019